Nevada Corporation / LLC


Nevada Corporations and LLC's are not only great tools for asset protection, but they are also a symbol that you are ready to be a serious business owner. Being a sole propietor brings an added risk and stress to your life knowing that your personal assets can be under attack and your liveliehood could be turned upside down by a simple mistake. Using a Nevada entity provides safety for you and your family by keeping your business dealings seperate and also offering you a more effective way to manage your taxes.

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive service at the best price around. Unlike our competitors we do the work for you and don't hand you a bunch of templates to fill out on your own. In most cases, we can have your corporation paperwork completed, filed and returned to you in 24hrs at no additional charge.

New Nevada Entity (Corporation or LLC )

- Article of Incorporation (Corp) / Articles of Organization (LLC) [Prepared and Filed]

- List of Officers (Corp) / List of Members (LLC) [Prepared and Filed]

- EIN (Employer Identification Number)

- By-Laws (Corp) / Operating Agreement (LLC)

-Minutes of Meeting

-Corporate Book

-Corporate Seal

-Corporate Stock Certificates (up to $75,000 in capitalization)** / Member Certificates

-Nevada State Business License*

-S Corp Election (If you desire to file as an S Corp)

-1yr resident Agent Service

Corporations: $1,000.00
Limited Liability Companies: $700.00

 Give us a call at 702-316-1194 or email us at  to discuss your options and find out which entitiy fits your needs.




 *Certain types of entities may not be required to file a State Business License. If you fall into this category it will reduce the total cost.

**The Secretary of State charges an additional filing fee on Articles of Incorporation with more than $75,000 in capitalization.