Don't let paperwork stop you from succeeding in your business. Let us handle your Payroll needs!

 Payroll Mangement  Starting at $75/mo


From understanding the Federal laws to interpreting the State laws we understand the complexities that small business owners must navigate to ensure that they are paying not only their employees properly but the Federal and State Agencies as well.

Our payroll service takes the guess work out of it for you so that your only task is letting us know how much everyone gets paid. We also offer the services to make it more convenient for your employees to to get paid!

Our services includes:

  • Payroll Issuance
  • Preparation and Submition of Tax Forms (State and Federal)
  • Preparation and Submission of W-2s and W-3s
  • Federal Taxes paid electronically on recommended basis.
  • State taxes paid electronically on recommended basis.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit*
  • Payroll Debit Cards*
  • New Employee Reporting
  • Time Sheet Tracking
  • Workers Compensation Audits**
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*    Applicaiton Fee, Monthly Fee and Transaction Fee will apply.
**  Additional Prepararation Fee will apply.