For over 20 years we have been providing Tax, Bookkeeping and Incorporation services to the Las Vegas area. We Specialize in:

  • Nevada Corporation and LLC Formations
  • Business Taxes
  • Personal Taxes
  • Payroll Management
  • Other Business Services!

We make sure to work closely with our clients not only to ensure that the business remains compliant but that the business owner becomes more familiar with the inner workings of their business so that they can become more successful.

Good Luck with your business and we look forward to growing with you!


Why Incorporate?

Incorporating has many benefits both personally and professionally. Incorporation can be used as an asset protection tool, a tax shelter, a financial management tool and many other purposes. The most common use for incorporating is for the separation of your personal and business dealings. Incorporating also presents a more professional appearance to your business by showing that you are invested in your success. Call us today and see how incorporating can help you.


Corp vs LLC

Many people wonder which entity will best fit their situation. When deciding what type of entity will work for you there are many factors to establish before you choose your entity type. Some things that have to be taken into consideration are your taxes, business activity, and current financial situation. As part of our free consultation, we will review your taxes and current financial situation so that we can help you choose which entity will work best for you.